Life coaching is about finding answers, answers to your questions. Are you at home in your life? Do you feel somehow stuck, uncertain about what is next? Are you passionate about what you do in life, your work, your relationships? Do you sometimes wonder if this is it? A life coaching session will support you in defining your goals, helping you to be more focused and gain new insights about what matters to you.



Life is an experiment, there is not one recipe or formula. You are the expert of your own life. You know when things feel right, and when they do not. It takes courage to change a career, a relationship, the environment. Change is both, a challenge and a chance to develop and grow. As a Life Coach, I am here to support you in your journey.

Annette life-coach Woods

As your Life Coach, I am passionate about discussing your questions and supporting you in finding your own answers. In your own time, at a place you choose and as long as you need.

Take time for yourself – Welcome to aLive Life coaching.

Annette life-coach Woods