Spring Clean Your Mind

Just do it…??? Familiar with this slogan? Does it motivate You, or does it just do the opposite? Do you feel almost patronised by this slogan simply because You cannot JUST do it? The question is: what would it take to do IT, and more importantly: what is IT that you maybe want to do and why? Important questions and just because you might not have an immediate answer and not even the slightest idea but a wheezy feeling thatRead more


Fear seems to be omnipresent these days. The global political situation is unsettling, we are facing a time of change and constant threat. Nothing seems to be certain, the freedom we took for granted is at risk. There are many reasons to be fearful, to avoid doing things which we did before. Fear as a limiting factor, as a hindrance. The question is: where does the fear come from? Is it a general state, is it your own experience, childhoodRead more

New Perspectives

Summer is here, and it is the time of year where many take a break from their daily chores and work. We have high expectations with regard to that special time, we want to relax, be active, do sight-seeing, do nothing, have a good talk, or enjoy moments of silence. Traveling or reading a good book during summer are means to get away from that every day life, from routines and sometimes, we just want to escape and feel free,Read more

Comfort Zone

What is the comfort zone? Well, not our sofa, although this is where many of us retreat to when we want to relax and feel comfortable. Comfort zone relates to a mental state in which we are relaxed, where we can pursue our daily work and routines, where we are open to learning. We know where we are, we rely on ourselves and established routines, we know what we are doing, we feel comfortable. Being out of the comfort zoneRead more


So, here it is, my very first post on my website. I feel slightly out of my comfort zone, yet also excited and inspired to write and try new ways to communicate and share thoughts and ideas about personal growth and development. As a Life Coach, I support and guide people who are looking for changes, who are curious and who might be interested to begin something new. And as much as we have all heard that each day isRead more