Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching offers short-term support, focused on individual solutions. In a coaching session, we can focus on your goals, your ideas of the good life. Life coaching is not about optimisation but it is about leaving the comfort zone, and about encouraging you to embrace the unknown and help you find your answers.



For whom is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is for people who are keen on self-development and personal growth. We are the experts of our own life but sometimes, it would be great to have somebody to talk to, in confidence, about the important matters. In my view, it is not a luxury to think about the purpose in life, the dreams we have and to take ourselves seriously in what we really want.
My coaching addresses private as well as business clients. We cannot divide ourselves into a private me and a business person. All aspects of our lives influence each other and it is therefore important that we find our very own individual balance to live the life which we can enjoy and in which we feel at home. Finding this balance has a beneficial impact on all parts of our life and those we are living and working with.

Often, we are stuck in our life patterns, with an unspecific desire to escape, feeling lost in that process and continue treading the mill. Today is the perfect time to take action and find your answers.

Annette life-coach Annette coaching

Coaching Session – how long, how often?
A coaching session usually takes between 60 – 90 minutes. Between the sessions, intervals of 10 – 14 days will give you the time and space to focus and to implement first steps towards reaching your personal goals or making those changes. Should you require more frequent support, that is possible too.

During a coaching session at aLive, we will have the time and freedom, strictly confidential, to discuss questions such as:

do I live the life I want to live?
what is my purpose in life? 
am I passionate about my job? 
where would I like to live? 
am I happy in my relationship? 
how do I cope with loss or illness? 

 As your life coach, I listen and reflect what I have heard – what we say is not necessarily what we mean. I will challenge you, like a sparring partner, looking at life and your themes from a different perspective.

Annette life-coach Annette coaching