Hello! I am Annette Nilsson and this is my story, the short version. Paradoxically, change has been one of the continuous factors in my life, and so to me, change is always a challenge, and chance. For more than 18 years, I am living abroad, first in the UK and now in the Netherlands. The expat lifestyle has privileges and pitfalls. In any case has it broadened my perspective on people and things, on life in general.


When it was time to rethink my career, I took the freedom and opportunity to educate myself to become a life coach. I studied at the Dr. Bock Academy in Berlin, Germany, and realised: supporting people in their personal development, un-digging potential and taking a deeper look is fulfilling, it is what makes me happy.

I studied Economics and Philosophy in Germany and the UK. As a Senior Project Consultant, I worked long hours for Governmental Agencies and the European Commission, spent many nights in hotels, or at airports and often wondered if my work made a difference, if this is it?!

It was not. I became a mom, changed country, ran an interior company and bought a horse, then another one. Many people had an opinion what I should do, and it took some courage to insist: what really matters is what I wanted to do, what was important to me. I also met people along the way who supported me and I am convinced: if you really want to make a change, you find the people who support you in your journey. Today, my mission as your life coach is to support and encourage you.

I believe that if we take ourselves seriously, and find ways to overcome self-sabotage and destructive thoughts, we are free to do what makes us happy. Then, we find our purpose and we will live the good life, both in our jobs and our private relationships.